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Set in idyllic surroundings, River View Cottage has had more than its share of human misery. And yet passers-by regard it as an innocent house built when the railway came to town.

But in River View there lurks a presence: one which follows every move of its occupants. Is it an innocent observer or a malevolent resident?

From its dark beginnings one summer in the 19th century until the arrival of Leonard Broome in the 1970’s, the story of River View unfolds.

When disaster finally occurs, what kind of strange entity arises phoenix-like from the ashes? Now the mystery appears to have been solved, has the source of evil been extinguished once and forever?

You have never read a mystery like Golgotha; fear and black humour contest every chapter. The book’s unique voice takes you places that other ghost stories would never go.

“The author has a sharp and sympathetic eye and the story is thought- provoking and well-observed. Combes writes with flair and originality.” – Gervase Phinn

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