To Paint a Portrait of Autumn (after Jaques Prevert)

TO PAINT A PORTRAIT OF AUTUMN (after Jaques Prevert)

First create a lattice

Through which autumn’s dispersal occurs,

Not just its golden leaves and faded greens,

But the sheen of its acidic waters;

And a hamper full of harvest mice,

(At all costs avoid being cosy and nice);

Paint leaves that are cancerous and

Which welcome the fall to an unmarked grave.

Show birds in silhouette only, each one lonely,

No hint of flock or flume;

Colour the underworld mulch the harshest grey.

Then turn to the watcher behind you and say

‘This painting is at once my most lovely

Yet turns my stomach and makes me ugly’.

AC  29/10/16dscf3203

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes