On March 14th 2015, a depressed Ian Lam climbed to the top of a multi storey car park in Telford and was urged by a baying crowd to jump. The public shouted ‘Get on with it’ and ‘How far can you bounce?’ Many filmed him as he jumped 60 feet to his death.

Jump, you bastard, jump;

You’ll make a helluva thump.

We’ll film you all the way down,

Later we can slow it up, blow it up,

Our tweet will be all over town.


Don’t deliberate, mate,

Trust to your gut feeling,

Fear of pain your only ceiling,

Gravity’s the real biz, makes you his,

Ten secs of fame worth the stealing.


Will you land head first

And would that turn out worse

Than landing on your feet in the street?

Cos you might then survive, stay alive,

But feel agony from toes to eye-teeth.


We’re waiting for your leap

Listening to our iphones bleep

Just another tale in a multi-storey world

We’re all getting cold, emotions on hold.

Fire! Like a stone from a catapult hurled.




Don’t let anyone take your hand

And spoil the movie we’ve got planned.

It’s better than gun or bomb or knife,

An on street drama but a whole lot calmer,

This ending of an ordinary life.PAY-Car-park-jumper-main

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes