The power of Facebook

mick hanmer 2mick hanmerI set out to do one year in the life of our village (West Ayton) on 1/1/14. I used the occasion of the annual Tug of War to launch the blog, but for 6 weeks or so it limped along without pictures. I persuaded a few friends to give me their likes with the aim of achieving the magical 30 – at which point Facebook furnishes you with lots of details about your fellow bloggers. Once I started to use graphics, the blog really took off.

I ran with a story about the new management at the Forge Valley Inn and that post spread like wildfire. Almost anything I post about the village pub attracts a sizeable reach.

We are now into the last 3 weeks of 2014 so I am reviewing the year in words and images. Yesterday I downloaded a couple of pictures of Mick Jay Hanmer, ex-landlord of the FVI, and complemented them with a few well-chosen words in remembrance of the man. It was nice to see that his family liked what I had done.

That post reverberated all around the area and just 24 hours later, the reach surpassed 2,200 – not bad for a small village of 900 people. The striking features are how quickly word gets around and how wide it spreads. In 2015 I hope to start a blog of national interest but how many of the lessons I have learned doing WAL are applicable on that bigger stage?

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