The Jeremy Kyle Show

Jeremy Kyle is bloody vile

While feigning such innocence

Confronted by the wreck of humanity’s pile

He drives his victims to insolence.


Jeremy Kyle brings out my bile

When he turns to his lie detector

There’s a bitter intent behind his smile

As he pretends to be the protector.


Jeremy Kyle should be put on trial

For forcing people to see the error of their ways

Making them freeze before the camera’s eye

Trapping them in the terror of their days.


Jeremy Kyle, there’s no denial’s

Made a fortune from the misery of others;

And the genius Graham goes that extra mile

Sorting out dysfunctional mothers.


Jeremy Kyle’s got a unique style

And admits to having OCD;

All his failings should be kept in a file

And paraded for the nation to see.


He licks his mobile phone to keep it clean,

His dad was secretary for the mother of the queen;

He’s worth five million, his accountant says;

What does that tell you about values these days?KYLE

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes