The Heck Bulls


Bulls that roamed Europe in times of yore:

Aurochs – muscular, brown and shaggy;

With horns that would pierce a breast,

Puncture a gut or brain was best.

They were fearsome things, these beasts,

Breeding stock for cruel sport;

They could ground a man, crush his skull,

It mattered not how hard he fought.

Goebbels heard of them, told Hitler,

who saw the ultimate in intimidation;

“Get me an animal that is truly Aryan”

They requested of the brothers Heck.

Resistance was useless, they hadn’t the neck.

Eras ended, years passed,

Most of the bulls they think were gassed.


Farmer Gow had an eye for a cow

But it was bulls that fascinated

The Hecks that survived the end of war cull

Had been rounded-up and mated.

A fan of selective breeding

He brought thirteen to Devon,

But no man could work with the entire herd

So they had to be reduced by seven.

“They made great sausages” Derek told all

“And now peace reigns supreme on the farm”

So the moral of the story

As plain as blonde hair and eyes of blue:

Is if you fuck with nature

Then nature will surely fuck with you.

heck bulls

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes