The face we deserve


Ultimately we get the face we deserve,

Trauma apart, it can be stated without reserve;

The miserable will be in perpetual mourning,

Obsessional gloom drags down the corners of their mouth

Their fixed stares fail to notice the good of morning

And their chin heads irrevocably south.


In the end we get the face we deserve

From the forehead’s wrinkles to the jawbone’s curve;

Those who take themselves without a pinch of salt

And think each moment must be lived seriously

Will grit their teeth and revel in finding fault

And regard every person in the room imperiously.


We finish up wearing the face we truly earned

It forms as natural as landscape and can’t be learned;

The thoughtful and considerate will find a fit expression

Daily taking out their love to polish and preserve;

Dull-eyed those who rate people less than possessions,

In the end they will get the face they deserve.


At the very end the same face waits for all

Each contour worn away like a wind-bitten wall;

The eyes half-closed, the skin turned sallow,

It’s now plain to see the underlying skull.

Dry caked lips have spoken their final hallo

And the face we deserved will soon be null.

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes