The 2015 Election Blues

For the last six weeks a variety of men

Strangers, who I never before encountered,

Have promised me tax breaks, savings and then

A number of material objects discounted.


Their earnest looks and full-blooded smiles,

The desperate way they plead their sincerity;

They’ve dragged their bodies through endless miles

In the pursuit of a land they call Spin Territory.


There’s head in the sand Ed Milliband;

George Osborne, as attractive as fresh frogspawn;

Stammerin’ Cameron with his Etonian brand;

Sweet’n’sour pork Balls, Labour’s master of yawn.


Fresh from MacBeth come the three witches

Who are brewing up a spicy left wing potage

It’s enough to give tired old colonels the twitches

Vote Farage or garage or is it even ga-rage?


They’re fighting so hard for my meaningless cross,

Surely there’s got to be far easier ways

Like pressing a button on my phone or laptop.

Where are the Monster Raving Looneys these days?


UK Elections

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes