Taking John for his morning walk

Taking John for his morning walk


We are taking John for his morning walk.

He is dressed like a Yukon prospector

For in his mind the April wind is fierce.

Beneath his chin

The Easter hood is fastened;

His face is pastry waiting to be rolled.

We set a target: the chickens

No further than the chickens.

John loves the electricity of the chickens;

He will throw bread and their sparky movement

Towards it will tell him they are glad to be alive

And we are alive with them.

John will see this and his expression

Will change for the better.

It will be the day’s finest reality

But then

The cockerel charges into the picture

A crazy rooster with a flapping coxcomb

A hat that distorts our reality

And a greed for bread that denies all others.

And now John is afraid;

Afraid of the cockerel, the chickens, the April wind

And even his own unreliable mind.

Where is his mind?

We have no time left to look for it.

We must all go home

And return on another day

Even though the daffodils will be gone.crazy man 2

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes