Spirit Art / Psychic Art

Both face and symbols carry meaning

Both face and symbols carry meaning

Spirit Father

I am working on a couple of projects with the artist Alan Stuttle. In return for his illustrating one of my children’s stories, I am ‘ghosting’ his autobiography and I am setting up a manual on Spirit Art, for which he works all over the UK and in Europe.

Spirit Art (he preferred the term ‘Psychic Art’ but his college mentors at Stansted told him that ‘Spirit Art’ was the more acceptable term) consists of the artist sitting with the client and interpreting for them in illustrated form how they are relating to the world of spirit.

To some this may sound cranky, but I have seen Alan in action and it is a calm and meditative process that can carry significant meaning for the subject. Alan is no charlatan and carries a healthy scepticism with him about this process.

‘There are a lot of con artists’ he admits ‘and my medium powers have only developed over the years’.

He doesn’t use the experience to make money although people do offer money which he normally distributes to a charity.


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