RIP Robert Black

Robert Black, murderer of four little girls and maybe more

Has passed away

Of natural causes, they say.

Never reached his three score years and ten,

Was frequently attacked by other men.

His whole life was a negation of ‘natural causes’;

A mother who abandoned, a father unknown,

Raised by the Tulips, friendless, alone.

From an early age he forced penetration

Of his own back passage:

There were no ‘natural causes’.

Robert Black tried strangling from an early age,

It occurred when he flew into an unnatural rage.

When he attained manhood,

They say ‘he drove a van good’,

Knew the highways by driving around,

Though country lanes were his hunting ground;

Not the sort frequented by lovers,

Just precious daughters, never to be mothers.

‘May he rot in hell’ the headlines yell,

Like the devil was waiting at the door of his cell.

From Bobby Black’s life what can we learn?

Childhood neglect gives a natural return.   Robert Black

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes