Katie Hopkins’ Feast


My children, she whines,

Would never play with

A Shiraz or a Chardonnay;

And Tyler’s a name to deride.

I still can’t decide

Whether she is a professional hater

Who will eventually meet her maker,

Or a septic epileptic,

A destroyer or a creator.

Today she is increment living off excrement

Debasing the lives of refugees

Who risk the corpse-strewn seas

To escape the terror that clips their heels.

Does she truly not understand how that feels?

Fat children should be told

And there’s a good case for killing the old.

Sympathy and empathy will have to wait,

Katie Hopkins is feasting off your hate.


Alan Combes 20/4/15katie hopkins

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes