John’s brain

John’s brain and its stem

We donated to science;

It seemed the right thing to do

When he was alive,

Crazy but comfortable in his care home;

Snoozing in the depths of a chair

Distant then from the day

When the pathologist would strike,

Slice the cerebellum, section soft tissue.

I recoil now at the very thought,

Now it’s done it seems a callous act

But somehow I pardon myself

On grounds of humanity and its furtherance.

The research report arrived today,

Constructed to make us feel good,

Said how our contribution to research

Would help others with broken brains,

How John’s bits might provide answers

To questions with which science has struggled,

Offer solutions to minds as yet untroubled.human brain

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes