Hubris, What Hubris?


The Man is here to face his critics;

His lips are thinner, His face more pinched

But He is the same Man who acted in good faith

What seems like centuries ago

When so many people were alive

Who no longer walk the Earth.

At least, He tells us, with no hint of irony

The evil dictator is vanquished,

For which He can have no regrets

Because He acted in good faith.

And now, turning to His accusers,

Those who would have us believe He has blood on his hands,

He squeezes his voice tight, narrows his eyes,

And vows to His countrymen that He never lied,

Says His honesty is beyond question and here’s the proof –

He would do the same again if time could so be turned.

Then the people know it’s true He never lied

Then the people know that He did act in good faith,

Enabling millions of others to act in their own good faith.

No, He did not lie, the people say, He was only being straight,

As they recall the words of wise men that ‘character is fate’.

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes