Christmas cards

On Saturday my story appeared in the Yorkshire Post colour mag about Alan Stuttle, the Scarborough-based artist. Alan’s designs have sold more than 5 million Christmas cards over the years.

Probably his best known is titledĀ First Taste of Snow and shows his 4 year old daughter Caroline eating snow in the back garden. The card was sold by the NSPCC and was so successful that Alan had to meet their main patron, the Duke of Westminster. Sadly, Caroline was pushed to her death by a druggie while backpacking in Australia in 2002.

Alan texted me to say that the story has done good business for him and that Radio York wanted to do a piece on him next week.

My article went on to look at how the Victorians developed the card from its ‘invention’ in 1842. I didn’t have enough space (1200 words) to consider the growth of e-cards.

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Alan Combes