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It is an accepted wisdom in submitting a script for publishing in the children’s market that, unless the author is also an artist, you do not submit graphics or illustration. The word is that should the script prove strong enough to attract a publisher then the accepting publisher would rather commission their own artist.

This is the case with the football fiction I have written for young readers which is published by Barrington Stoke. They have a bevy of artists that will amend their work in consultation with the writer (me) and the publisher (BS).

However, I am breaking with convention. My story called ‘Mo’ or ‘Suresh’s Hound’ (not yet decided) is being illustrated by the artist Alan Stuttle. It is part of a tit for tat deal whereby I am ghost writing his autobiography and a manual for his spirit art; in return he is applying his smashing talent to a story I’ve written (hopefully) for the Asian market.

The illustration shown here is a rough and shows a dream sequence where the young artist takes a ride on the hound he has created with his art.

All in all Alan will do 14 such pictures. The funny thing is that his art has inspired me to do a rewrite of the original tale! I don’t think it will be ready for submission before the Spring.

Riding Mo

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