Cain & Abel

cain & abelCAIN AND ABEL

Eve knew as she tucked in Cain at night

something was going wrong.

She saw, in Cain’s blue eyes,

places Abel would never tread.


Abel slept soundly

while Cain gazed at stars

fires in the sky,

Eve heard him whisper.


By day Abel

baa’ed back at sheep;

while Cain sieved soil

through fidgety fingers


Years passed.

Abel, dead as mutton,

fattened lambs;

Cain, quick as life,

summoned stars.


One day Adam told his sons

“Give God riches and he will receive you”

Cain emptied an orchard and tilled a field,

stood back and waited

to be received.

God was displeased.

Abel penned sheep

then let slip the knife

till blood flowed like wine.


“Ah so that’s the door to the kingdom”

mouthed Cain.

Fretting fingers atremble

he poured Abel’s butcher blood

into dry earth.

God cursed

and Cain stumbled

to the land of Nod.


3rd draft completed 2/3/17

Alan Combes

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes