Bridlington Poetry Festival

What a day yesterday was. Scarborough Poetry Workshop performed as the openers in Bridlington Poetry Festival. We took the first hour with Helen B acting as the ringmaster as we fulfilled an extended metaphor: the circus. We each took a circus act (mine was the flame thrower) and applied it to our poetry techniques.

I performed my poems ‘The Telford Suicide’ and ‘An Economic Refugee’ (see elsewhere on here). This year I am specialising in social & political poetry, trying hard not to care too much who I upset. Today, for example, I’m working on ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ – a narrative poem about the Asian women who have taken their families to live in the IS Syrian war zone.

We did marvellously especially in view of the competition from the PA system that was accompanying the Race for Life which was about 100 yards away. They started up during my second poem which meant I lost concentration (and my last verse) briefly, but no one seemed to notice…except me. I was well peed off.

The entire company were magnificent. They really came through and made a splendid effort with dress, projection and audience engagement. Stu Larner as the clown was my favourite but not one performer was below their very best.

sewerby-hall-and-gardens And what a setting – pictured here.

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Alan Combes