Be careful who you bully

Be careful who you bully

It could come back to haunt

That geeky kid in the corner

May not be the one to taunt.


Be careful who you bully

Upstairs on the double decker

The tiny little chap in the neat school cap

Might one day be Chancellor of the Exchequer


That fat kid in the corner

Might look like a tub of lard

But there might be many more like him

Waiting in the old schoolyard


Think twice before you bully

The quiet one without a mate

One day he might wield the surgeon’s knife

And thus decide your fate.


Watch out for who you bully

Tiny Tim might put on a spurt

And even if he doesn’t outgrow you

There’s still big brother Bert.


Be careful who you bully

It’s amazing who knows who

The kid you thought was a freaky loner

Has mates who might come through.


bully girl

It’s not just people who bully,

Countries do it too,

Take the side of the weak and woolly

Then they might not bully you.

bully girl

© Alan Combes, 2019. All Rights Reserved

Alan Combes