Is it a given that a jack of all trades must be a master of none? I ask that rhetorical question because I like writing in so many different genres.

I started off as a poet (got 3rd place in the Lancaster Festival with my poem about ‘Cain and Abel’), was first seriously published with a travel piece on camping in the old USSR (‘The Grauniad). Since then I have written human interest for that paper and several magazines.

I have contributed to several sports columns in newspapers and magazines and became weekly football correspondent for three different nationals.

As a teacher and educationist, my stuff appeared regularly in the TES. Lately, I wrote Black Potatoes, a musical about Ireland with the York musician Norman Fowler.

Barrington Stoke, who specialise in publishing books for those with reading problems, have published a dozen of my stories and I have toured Ireland on the basis of this work.

I want to use this website to launch social comment on issues on the news too. Whilst humour will be strongly in evidence, I can turn serious when the need arises.

I’m searching for a publisher for two children’s stories I’ve written which have been brilliantly illustrated by two artist friends. Mo has been lavishly presented by Alan Stuttle while The Rocking Horse Diary has been brought to life by John Sunderland’s wonderful cartoons. I hope I can find a home for these two stories in 2015.

Most recently I’ve self-published my unique ghost story I Am Golgotha. What’s unique about it? The haunted house tells the story. I’ve almost sold out of two print runs. I’m now hoping it takes off in Kindle form on Amazon. I think it deserves to because it’s one of the best things I’ve written.

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Alan Combes